Zinc, is an important mineral in the production of collagen and healing. Manganese and calcium are useful for connective tissues and improving bone structure. Zinc has been specifically designed for people under exceptional stress or strain whether physical, emotional or mental. Stress affects the physical, emotional and mental aspects of life. During periods of stress the body can lose essential vitamins and minerals. Zinc is stored in the adrenal glands and it is one of the minerals that are depleted during periods of high stress. When under stress, the adrenal glands cannot do their job producing hormones for energy, controlling blood sugar, fighting illness or injury and regulating blood pressure.

Vision Max is specifically formulated to help your body cope with and replace nutrients lost during periods of stress.

Zinc is used by the body on a number of levels, from the production of hair follicles to DNA synthesis. Zinc is also responsible for a number of biological processes including, boosting the immune system via white blood cells. Zinc creates antibodies to combat viral infections.

Zinc is used by the body on a number of levels, it can aid protein synthesis, physical performance and reduce muscle cramps. When the body is low in Zinc, this can decrease testosterone levels and other growth hormones.

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