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Vision Max 20/20 is an unique blend of saffron, antioxidant carotenoids and proanthocyanidins to preserve promote eye health, alleviate age-related eye conditions, and shield the eyes from harmful blue light. Saffron also foster mental clarity, enhanced mood, and beneficial for heart health, cardiovascular and respiratory systems.


Optimize your eye health with a complete Eye Care Formula for Macula and Retina Health. Highly recommended by eye specialists, our advanced, high-potency formula is a unique blend of Carotenoids and antioxidants. It also contains Proanthocyanins (very powerful antioxidants that remove harmful free oxygen radicals from cells) which alleviates age-related eye conditions. Protects retinal photoreceptors in the back of the eye responsible for central and peripheral vision from light oxidative damage and harmful blue light.

The supplement reducing eye stress but also Glaucoma, Night Vision, Cataract Prevention, Dry-eyes,  Eye floaters, Eye fatigue, Digital eye strain.  It also enhances memory, strengthens the immune system, cardiovascular health and so much more!

More people are exposed to visual displays than ever before, younger people are spending more time on smart phones, tablets, e-readers, etc. According to the 2015 Vision Council Survey, 65% of American adults report symptoms of eye strain.

Computer related eye stress, digital eye strain, computer vision problems, floaters and eye fatigue are just some of the complaints. The Nutrients found in Exir’s Vision Max 20/20 nourishes your eyes and gives them the protection they need from the harmful blue light of electronics and also helps with the challenge of night vision from glaring headlights.



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