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Increase Your Energy Level and Feel Healthier All Over! Our outstanding All-Natural supplement helps to provide comprehensive liver protection, rejuvenation, and function. Detoxifies your whole body naturally. Supports the Liver, Heart, Kidneys as well as the Respiratory and Immune Systems.


When it comes to your body, Your liver health is critical for your physical health. The liver is one of the body’s largest and most essential organs. The liver oversees the digestion of carbohydrates, glucose production, healthy blood flow and naturally detoxifying your whole body. It also stores nutrients and produces bile, which is both essential for proper digestion and nutrient absorption from food.

Exir Liver Care is a nutritional supplement that offers extensive liver protection to optimize liver health and function. Our supplement contributes significantly to the liver’s sustenance and functionality. When your liver is compromised you will experience immune deficiencies that can prove detrimental to your health. Saffron, Chanca Piedra Extract, Eclipta Extract Tinospora Extract, Fennel Seed Extract, Tephrosia Extract, Chinese Castle Tree, and Turmeric Root Powder are all-natural ingredients in our liver care recipe that can promote greater liver health. Given the importance of this organ’s functions, liver supplements can help in detoxifying and rejuvenating the liver.

The liver is the body’s largest gland. It’s responsible for a variety of vital functions in our bodies, including blood cleansing, hormone production, protein synthesis, metabolism, and digestion. The liver is more like a natural filter for your body, catching both toxins and wastes and removing them. 


Benefits of Exir Liver Care Supplement

Liver Detoxification

Although the liver is an organ responsible for detoxification in the body, our all-natural supplement can boost your liver’s performance improving the function and filtering of toxins.

Protects Liver Cells from Inflammation

To attain optimum liver function, it is critical to protect liver cells from inflammation. Toxic substances such as medication, lipid peroxidation, and free radical damage can induce inflammation, consequently affecting your liver’s blood flow. Liver supplements combat these unfavorable factors and help to reduce ascites and blood pressure.

Increases Production of Bile

The liver produces bile which is essential in processing and digesting fats as well as the elimination of toxins. Bile deficiency can cause digestive symptoms such as trapped gas, diarrhea, stomach cramps, weight loss, irregular bowel movements, and pale-colored stool. Exir’s Liver Care formula combats free radicals and oxidative stress to protect and assist the liver in producing bile.

Supports the Immune System

The liver is vital in supporting the immune system. It’s naturally situated to detect any pathogens that invade the body through the gut. It’s intended to detect, capture, and eliminate viruses and bacteria before they cause harm. Exir’s Liver Care formula promotes improved functionality in supporting your body’s immune system.

Improves the Respiratory System

The Liver and lungs are interconnected. When your liver isn’t working well, your capillaries become enlarged, making it impossible for your red blood cells to absorb oxygen. As a result of low oxygen levels, the person experiences shortness of breath. Advanced liver disease has a significant effect on the lungs and heart.

Boosts the Cardiovascular System

Since the heart and liver are linked, an acute condition with one can influence the other. Heart disease can impact the liver, and liver disease can impact the heart. As a result, it’s important to maintain the health of your liver in order to keep your cardiovascular system functioning properly.

 Supports Good Kidney Health

The kidneys are the body’s primary filter. They help maintain water and fluid balance, as well as regulate blood pressure and water elimination. Keeping your kidneys in good health is the way to live a long and healthy life. Our Liver Care formula is intended to aid in the process of facilitating better processes and sustaining good kidney health.

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