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Experience a Longer, Healthier and Fuller life! Our Antiviral Respiratory, Cell Renewal, Heart and Health System Support Formula helps to promote a healthy respiratory system and breathing capacity. Our unique formula strengthens the Immune system against respiratory tract infections such as bronchitis, pneumonia, influenza and other lung-related issues. Exir’s Lung & Heart Support formulation both stimulates and safeguards the heart and circulation system, regulates the metabolic state of the cells, improves cognitive thinking, and supports proper heart muscle function and coronary artery health, among many other advantages.


Exir Lung & Heart Support is an extraordinary blend of herbal supplements and vitamins that have steel-packed resistance and exceptional defense against Antiviral, Respiratory, Cardiovascular, and Immune System issues. Exir’s Heart and Lung is an all-natural formula packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, containing the ideal combination of Saffron, Alma Fruite Extract, Panax Ginsing Root Extract and Vitamin C.


Exir Lung and Heart Support Stands Out from Most Supplements

Our formula is entirely plant based, safe, non-toxic, and promotes phagocytosis and antigen-specific immune responses. These natural immunostimulant botanicals can prevent and significantly reduce the frequency, duration, and severity of viral and bacterial assaults without the use of drugs or side effects.

A powerful, all-natural antioxidant solution providing optimal support to the heart muscles so they can function their best, as well as providing coronary artery health. Our solution protects, heals, and combats free radical production and damage. It also contributes to blood circulation, maintains steady cholesterol levels, regular blood pressure levels, as well as hormone production, cholesterol reduction, and improved circulation, all of which are critical for a healthy heart.


Saffron, Our Main Ingredient; Vital for Immune System Defense.

Saffron is a truly magical spice derived from the stigmas of the flowering plant Crocus Sativus. This gorgeously ruby red, flavorful spice has direct anti-viral properties, especially against enveloped viruses. It strengthens your immune system and aids in the prevention of respiratory tract infections, bronchitis, pneumonia, retroviruses, and other lung-oriented problems. Saffron is packed with various health benefits. It is well known as a blood purifier as it stimulates the body’s phagocytes by destroying bacteria, virus-infected cells and it clears the virus from the bloodstream. It also protects the mucous membranes of the digestive tract, urinary tract, and respiratory tract from bacterial and viral infections. Saffron contains remarkable antioxidants that help maintain healthy arteries and blood vessels. Its anti-inflammatory properties are beneficial to heart health, which is why people in Mediterranean countries have lower rates of heart disease than the rest of the world.

Autophagy is a term that refers to the body’s process of removing damaged cells in order to regenerate younger, healthier cells. An essential process in the maintenance of cellular functions. It is a fundamental cell survival mechanism that allows cells to adapt to metabolic stress by degrading and recycling intracellular components in order to generate macromolecular precursors and produce energy. “Auto” means “self” and “phagy” means eat.


Take the Path to Greater Lung & Heart Health with the Amazing Benefits of an All-Natural Anti-Viral, Heart, Respiratory,

and Immune System Support Formula Created to Protect You and Keep You in Greater Health!

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