Also Know as: Crocus sativus L.,Organic

A wonderfully versatile, crimson spice praised for its medicinal properties and life enhancing benefits. The composition of Saffron is rich in Safranal, Picrocrocin and Crocin, which increases blood flow, a vital nutrient supply of retinal structures. Research shows its effect on eye performance genes and slowing down degenerative eye conditions such as, AMD. It is also rich in Lycopene and Carotenoids that protect from free radicals. Its strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties protect and improve your body and eyes for optimal health.

Saffron has been shown to Balance Mood, Improve Brain Chemistry, Enhance Memory, Soothe the Nervous and Cardiovascular Systems, Improve Vision, Macula Health and Visual Fatigue. It Cleanses the Meridians, Detoxifies by Invigorating Circulation, Decreases the Formation of Malignant Cells, Strengthens the Immune Defense System, Aids the Digestive System and Improves Liver Function, Protects the Prostate Gland, Supports Male Vitality, Increases Metabolism, Encourages Weight Loss, Appetite Suppression and Fat Burning, It Rejuvenates Hormonal Balance, Targets the Core Cause of Menopause, Fights Acne, Soothe Skin Irritation, Relieves Premenstrual Tension and more.

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