Also Known As: Turmeric Extract


Curcuminoids are the main phytochemicals that give Turmeric its most impressive benefits. It is one of the most powerful and most impressive spices with a broad range of health benefits. Incredibly studied and researched, turmeric and curcumin have a wealth of positive health benefits. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits may revolutionize your health. Experts believe silent inflammation is the root cause of many of the signs of aging from diminished brain function to heart function, painful joints and low energy. Scientific studies show that Curcuminoids neutralize the harmful effects of the free radicals that cause inflammation. Inflammation can cause brain fog, memory impairment, aches, pains and mood issues. Curcumin helps prevent cholesterol oxidation and may work to prevent clots, lower LDL and increase healthy HDL cholesterol. It encourages brain health for a more youthful brain, promotes healthy digestion by supporting the stomach lining, it also helps wounds heal, promotes a balanced mood and balances blood sugar. Turmeric provides an abundance of antioxidants capable of supporting cellular health.


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