Also known as Aneth Doux, Bitterfenchel, Fenchel, and Foeniculum Vulgare.

fennel seed extract

Fennel is a herbal supplement that can be used to treat colic and dyspeptic disease in infants and nursing children, as a digestive aid, to treat upper respiratory infections, coughs, and sore throats, to relieve pain associated with menstrual cramps, to improve milk secretion, encourage menstruation, induce pregnancy, to alleviate male climacteric symptoms, and to boost libido. Also here are its two main benefits. The first one is itsĀ  Helps Purify Blood: The essential oils and fiber in these seeds are thought to be beneficial in flushing out chemicals and sludge from our bodies, thereby aiding in blood cleansing. To ensure smooth absorption of nutrients, it is important to include foods in your diet that help cleanses your blood and the second is its Improves Eyesight: A few of these seeds could improve your vision as well. Vitamin A is found in fennel seeds and is essential for eye health. Extracts of these seeds were used to treat glaucoma symptoms


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