The Inspirational Story of Saffron1™

Saffron1 is a leading innovator in the marketing and distribution of exquisite, Saffron products. Our products aid in improving overall eye health and vision. We believe that our global reach and premium products are changing the way people pursue their lives. Through scientific research and the ingredients found in nature, our unique products are formulated like no other. Our scientifically, developed formulations are backed by many clinical trials and are a recommended brand by eye specialists. We provide safe, natural, and superior products to maintain healthy vision. We love what we do and what we do is all about living and enjoying the best life possible. We believe in the healing properties of Nature and together, we’re making a positive difference in people’s lives. We believe in our amazing customers, who inspire us to pursue our brand with a passion, each and every day. We are focused on you and we genuinely want you to enjoy the life that surrounds you, to the fullest, on your terms.

Nature Works

At Saffron1™ we believe when it comes to health, quality is fundamental, all-inclusive and there can be no compromise.

Saffron Tincture

Love Your Eyes, Protect them Natural with Vision Max®

and Vision Max 20/20®

Eye Specialists recommended brands!  introducing, Vision Max® and Vision Max 20/20®.  Our all-inclusive, ocular formulas contain powerful and essential nutrients, antioxidants and minerals that are found in nature to help protect against degenerative, eye-related conditions.

What are some Common Eye Disorders and Eye Diseases?

Many eye disorders and diseases have no early warning symptoms. They may be painless and you may not see changes in your vision immediately. You can protect your vision with regular eye examinations and support your eye health with nutritional supplements.

Age-Related Macular Degeneration
Age-related macular degeneration

is the physical disturbance of the center of the retina called the macula.


Is ocular fatigue (eye strain)


is an inflammation of the transparent tissue that covers the eye


an eye disease in which the optic nerve is damaged, it can lead to blindness


Darker areas that move when the eye moves


Ocular inflammation due to arthritic conditions


is a degenerative form of eye disease in which the lens becomes opaque and clouds vision

Diabetic Retinopathy

is damage to the retina caused by diabetes, can lead to blindness

 Dry Eye Syndrome

is caused by decreased tear production


is an inflammation of the Uvea, the middle vascular tunic of the eye, rich in blood vessels

What Makes Saffron so Exquisite?

This remarkable and gorgeously red, golden spice is sensational in color, flavor and aroma. Its ancient, healing powers are confirmed by science. Well known for its healing benefits and promotion of optimal health, it improves mood, brain chemistry, memory, vision, the cardiovascular and nervous systems, it also detoxifies and improves the immune system. Saffron contains crocetin, a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substance. Saffron is richly, brimming with vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A, riboflavin, folic acid, niacin, vitamin C, magnesium, manganese, selenium, calcium and zinc. It also contains more than 150 volatile components like carotenoids, which include; lycopene, various alpha and beta carotene and the reddish colored, zeaxanthin which is, one of the carotenoids naturally present in the retinas of the human eye.

Vision Max® &  Vision Max 20/20®

Our eyes deserve the best! Nurture your eyes the natural way with our comprehensive and uniquely blended ocular formulas containing essential nutrients, antioxidants and minerals. Vision Max and Vision Max 20/20 are scientifically developed formulations that are a recommended brand by eye specialists. Each scientifically developed formula enhances your sight and protects against degenerative, eye related conditions. They support the retina’s metabolism, structure, function and protect against oxidative stress. This combination of powerful, vision specific, ingredients is beneficial for maintaining eye health and good vision.

Vision Max®


Preserving and encouraging your best eye health is essential. Vision Max is the first leading brand to combine the AREDS 2 formula + Saffron. Backed with multiple clinical research which not only helps with Macular degeneration, but also Glaucoma, Night Vision, Cataract Prevention, Eye floaters, Eye fatigue, Digital eye strain, and more. Try our supplement to make your farewell to the vision problems easier.

VM 30 CAP Preserves - Eye Health Supplement

Vision Max 20/20®


Optimizes your eye health with a complete Eye Care Formula for Macula and Retina Health. Highly recommended by Eye Specialists, our advanced, high potency formula is a unique blend of carotenoids and antioxidants. The formula doesn’t only protect your vision but also alleviates all age-related eye conditions but also help with cataract, glaucoma, dry eye, blurred vision, eye floaters, eye fatigue, digital eye strain, and more.

Plus, Vision Max 20/20 enhances mood, memory and benefits a healthy heart, immune system and so much more!

VM 2020 30 Cap - Eye Supplement

Balance Turmeric + Curcumin Ultra High Absorption

A powerful complex to combat acute and chronic joint conditions.

Supports to relief pain, inflammation, and stiffness caused by joint and cartilage breakdown associated with physical overexertion, and more.

turmeric curcumin benefits

Liver Care – Liver, Kidney, Heart & Immune Support

A Superior Blend, Supporting the Metabolic Capacity of Your Liver and Promoting Toxin-Eliminating Bile Production. Addresses Free Radical Damage in Your Body and Encourages Cellular Lifespan.

liver health formula

Lung Cleanse Supplement & Heart Support Formula

Antiviral Formula – Protect Respiratory, Heart and Immune System During Periods of Increased Viral and Bacterial Exposure.

Lung & Heart Support